Boys to Men Mentoring Program
In both individual and group settings, the mission of the FBC “Boys to Men” Mentoring Program is to develop young men spiritually, mentally, socially and emotionally in a way that;

  • Enables them to cope with the challenges of their environment
  • Assists them in goal setting, academic support and career exploration
  • Provides them with the tools that enable smart decisions and problem resolution
  • Provides them with opportunities for personal growth.

  • So that they will grow up to be better men, make Godly choices, reach their full potential and become successful in life.

    For more information please contact Rodney Palmer at 804-243-6285, or Ron Limes at 804-248-8471,

    Praise Dance
    The mission of the praise dance ministry of First Baptist Church of South Richmond is to share the message of hope, encouragement and God’s love though the physical expression of dance. Grounded in Biblical principles like other ministerial forms, praise dancing requires careful preparation of the mind, spirit and body before sharing this gift with others. As a result, praise dance, or liturgical dancing as it is sometimes called, are not performances, rather, praise dancing is an outward expression of a committed relationship with God and a desire to share His goodness with others.
    As was the case in Biblical times, dancing is a form of expression open to persons of all ages as well as men and women. The revival of praise dancing in the modern church is a fairly new phenomenon. As such it is particularly important that attire direct the attention of the congregation on worship at all times.

    Our purpose is to share the message of the Lord through the art and discipline of dance. Dance as a form of praise and worship has its basis in the Scripture. Throughout the Old Testament, and particularly in the Psalms, we are instructed to praise the Lord with our voices, instruments, lives and dance.


    Scholarship Ministry
    Mission Statement: To acknowledge and celebrate the academic and scholastic achievements of our youth, be a resource for scholarship and grant opportunities and sponsor events to provide financial and spiritual support. 


    Open to any youth. Rehearsal Once a month on Tuesday at 6:30pm.


    Wind Ensemble
    Open to any child or adult that plays an instrument. Rehearsal every Monday night at 6:30pm.


    Youth Choir
    For teens ages 13yrs – 18yrs. Choir meets every Tuesday at 7pm.


    Youth Doorkeepers
    For youth ages 11yrs -18yrs. The Doorkeeper Ministry of First Baptist Church graces the sanctuary every Sunday morning to greet and welcome God’s people into the House of the Lord. Our main goal, in concert with the pastor and ministerial staff, is to lead the congregation to their seats, be attentive to the needs of the pulpit as well as the congregation and maintain order during services.
    As doorkeepers, we are committed to ministries and activities that coincide with the mission of the church, fellowship that strengthens our bond together, discipleship that orders our priorities in Christ, worship that glorifies God and frees our spirit and evangelism that draws others to Christ.


    Youth Ministry
    Consists of doorkeepers, choirs, step team and open to any youth under 18 years old.

    Contact: Rev. Felecia McDougan 


    Sundays @ Hull Street 
    8:00 AM – Early Hour of Praise
    9:45 AM – Church School 
    11:30 AM – Worship Service 
    11:30 AM – Children's Church 

    Sundays @ Ironbridge
    9:15 AM – Empowerment Hour

    Join Us In Worship Every Sunday • Hull Street 8:00 am & 11:30 am  •  Ironbridge Location • 9:15 am